Saturday, March 12, 2016

Lake Johanna Four Mile: It's Goal Time!

Time for a quick last minute post. In about two hours I'll be running the MDRA 4 Mile for the second year in a row. There's really no chance of a PR today--I'm not in near the shape I was in last year. As per usual, I'll  be doing some A B C goals.

2015 MDRA 4 Mile

A. Last year I ran 22:05. This year I'll be happy with 24:00 or faster.

B. Break 24:30

C. Break 25:00

This will be a good early season test to see how my training is going and how far I have to go. I have no big plans for spring races--I've got my sights set on the fall this year along with avoiding the summer injuries that killed my fall training last year.

Happy Running!

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