Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Back at It

So for the first part of this year, my running had really been going in fits and starts--10 miles one week, 30 miles another. I have been riding my indoor bike trainer as well, so even on the short weeks it's not like I've been doing nothing, but the running just hasn't been consistent.

Last week I hit 40 miles and this week I'll get 35. I'm trying to make my running more routine and my mileage a little more regular. It'd be great to do a reverse of what I did last year and have the second half of my year be the better half for running. In order for that to happen, I have to get at least reasonably decent mileage run between now and June, so I'm shooting for between 35 - 45 a week until then.

On a different note, is anyone else anxious about these new Facebook "like" buttons? Which one do I hit? Do I "like" a status, or do I "heart icon" a status? And how much funnier does a status have to be to move itself from the "like" to the "laugh icon?" Worse yet, what if I mean to hit the sad button when someone posts about losing a job or some such thing, and I accidentally hit the "laugh icon?"

Stressful, right? I'm thankful that I've been spending more time running lately to ponder these philosophical questions.

If you haven't heard, Laura and I also welcomed another addition to the family. Calvin has been a pretty fun baby, though at this point he doesn't do much. I was hoping to get a bike trailer for my trainer in the basement so he could go on stationary rides with me, but since that wasn't in the budget he's had to settle for sitting next to the bike in his rock and play.

Happy Running!

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