Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer of Stay-at-Home Parenting - Issue #3

July was a busy month for the Leckbands--a family reunion in the twin cities with Nate's mom's side of the family, a trip with the Laura's parents, sister, brother-in-law, and niece to a "cabin" near Remer Minnesota, and the new normal of chores and tending to our five month old baby.

Week of  June 26
Calvin did some part-time daycare this week while his daddy took care of some household chores and errands that have been waiting to get done for too long. At home, Calvin got a new exersaucer. He loves manipulating the rolling wheels, stuffed sun on some sort of spring-thing, and a panel of buttons that play animal noises.

His mommy also recently put out a baby piano. He's pretty much terrible at it so far, but it only has a few notes, so I shouldn't expect too much.

On Wednesday afternoon his grandma visited, then Thursday his Uncle Craig, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Choo Choo, and three cousins from Nebraska came over. He got lots of attention--his youngest cousin was especially excited to hold baby Calvin again, and his oldest cousin did a great job helping take care of Calvin--I think she's better at changing diapers than I am.

This week also marked Calvin's record baby blowout. His grandma and I were sitting at the table, and all of a sudden I could tell he needed to be changed--and boy did he. He didn't seem to mind though. While I was using a record amount of baby wipes and trying to keep him from getting his baby hands into his mess, he was giggling, kicking his legs and squealing.

After finally getting him mostly cleaned up, our ordeal ended with the first baby bath I gave him by myself (mommy usually takes care of that).

Long Weekend of July 1
The Hill family reunion commenced on Friday, though several members had already been trickling in to the great state of Minnesota. We kicked off the festivities at Minnehaha Park. Calvin got to be held by his Aunt Choo Choo while I played with his cousin on the playground.

When lunch rolled around, his oldest first cousin fed him a bottle warmed from hot water I brought in a coffee carafe while the rest of Calvin's family ate picnic food. We then went to see the falls, though Calvin didn't seem to appreciate the aesthetic quality of the rushing waters as much as the adults.

Calvin with his Great Aunt and cousins
Calvin got to see all his great aunties on the Hill side, and he enjoyed being held and passed around at dinner that evening. I was a little nervous after his experience at Paideia (see issue #1), but the boisterous Hill family wasn't too much for him. He alternated between mellow, content, and happy as he was passed around from cousin to aunt to mommy and back.

Calvin and his Great Aunts and Uncle
There was lots of other fun for the rest of the long weekend. Calvin enjoyed a pool party where he was once again passed among family members. He seems to tolerate water so far--he's not super-excited about it, but it doesn't seem to bother him either.

The evening of July 4, Calvin got to say his goodbyes to the Hill side of the family. He very much enjoyed all the attention. On the ride home from the house in Minneapolis, we drove by several fireworks displays, but Calvin pretty much slept on the way home.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Running Poem: Muskie


I run on a drizzly May morning--
Image credit
the paved path around Lake Calhoun
is nearly empty.

Other days were spent
people watching--dodging walkers
three and four abreast.

But today, mostly alone on a mid-morning run,
the paved trail is clear--
no dodging runners or taking
the necessity-made dirt path.

By the yet-opened boat-rentals and marina,
a man standing by shore points--

In the clear late-spring water,
a slender, muscular fish--three feet at least--
swims in the shallow water near shore.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Running Poem

"Morning Run on a Golf Course"

On a Minnesota morning run
drops of dew shimmer
off blades of golf course grass
as the sun illuminates
the fairway from
its eastern home.

Absorbed through shoes,
into socks--
leaving ankles cool and

Pushed into the soil,
first by one foot,
then the other.

As the sun rises higher,
returned to the air
ready to bring
a humid afternoon. 

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