Saturday, August 16, 2014

Minnesota Half Marathon: Race Report

Before the race
I knew running the Minnesota Half Marathon wasn't going to be easy. It was the first half marathon I've really raced in over a year, excluding Modesto when I didn't really push the pace until the end. Although I'd paced the Minnesota Half Marathon a few times, this would be the first time I raced it.

The Minnesota Half Marathon takes place in downtown St. Paul on a pretty unusual course. The route starts in one direction on Shepherd Road, turns around the other direction, and the goes past the start for a second out-and-back.

The race has a lot of rolling hills, but none of them were too steep. I spent the first part of the race trying to get into a rhythm, and ran most of the first eight miles with the first place women. I really had no idea what I was capable of, but it seemed like running in the 6:20s felt about right.

At mile 8 the lady I'd been running with pulled ahead, and I was never able to catch back up to her. I tried several times to pick up the pace, but I couldn't find the speed in my legs. It was hot, my legs were feeling pretty heavy, and I just managed to keep running in the 6:20s.

I finished the race in 1:23:33--a long way from a PR, but not a horrible time. I'm not feeling like I'm in the best shape, but at least I was able to put in a decent showing, good enough for 8th place.

My Chicago training is chugging along. I haven't put in the kind of mileage I've run for past marathons, but I'm getting enough in that I'm hoping I still be able to run under three hours.

Happy Running!