Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2015 Year in Review - Part 2

This is quite a bit belated--I started writing it in January, but just couldn't seem to get it finished. I've been preferring to spend time with my new baby boy rather than writing blog posts.

For the past few years I've reviewed the results of my goals for the year, and in this year's "Year in Review" post, I did not, thus part 2. Here are the goals and the results:

1. Run 2,200 miles. My mileage has gone down every year since 2011, so it's time to change that up and get back closer to my 2011 total of 2,400 miles.

I missed this one.  I was just over 300 miles short, but I did beat my total from last year by around 400 miles.

2. Bike to work at least 30 times.

Not quite. I changed jobs in August, and also did some substitute teaching, which made biking to work a little more difficult.

3. Write 40 or more blog posts.

Counting my other blog, I wrote 54 posts. Win!

4. Publish at least one article.

Got it! I published an article in Run Minnesota.
5. Break 17 minutes in the 5k--not a PR, but it would still be my second best time in the 5k.

I raced the 5k three times, and my best was 17:02--painfully close.

7. Set a 1/2 marathon PR.

I didn't really race one of these.

8. Set a marathon PR.

Didn't race one of these either.

There were a lot of life changes this year as well as so nagging injuries. It is frustrating to miss so many goals, but that's how it goes sometimes.

Happy Running!

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