Friday, March 4, 2016


This past weekend we got an early dose of spring weather. We were staying down in Rochester, Minnesota, and on my morning run the temperature hit 50 degrees.

Spring running in Minnesota is a welcome change. Actually running in the cold is OK--in fact, if it's not super windy it's actually more enjoyable than running when it's super hot. The hard thing for me, however, is getting out for a run. Some days after work when the cold hurts my face walking to and from my car, there's nothing I want to do more than relax inside where it's nice and warm. Bundling up and going back out into the cold for forty five minutes to an hour--not so much.

It has helped that I've started running in the morning before work again. It's easier to bundle up and head out into the unknown cold knowing I'll have to go outside eventually anyway.

As the weather gets warmer, heading out for a run gets easier and easier--no more deciding how many layers, which hat, which gloves, and which direction to run so I can finish with the wind at my back. Soon, I'll be able to throw on shorts and a tee shirt and head right out the door.

It's still been pretty chilly the past few days. On Tuesday morning it was an icy 15 degrees with a windchill of 6. At times the gusts of wind made me feel like I was running in place.

Still, I'm looking forward to some warmer spring temperatures. Starting on Saturday it's supposed to be at least 50 for the next week. Bring on spring.

Happy Running.

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