Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ron Daws 25k: It's Goal Time

I haven't raced a 25k in several years--my last one was in 2011, also the Ron Daws 25k. In that race, I ran 1:42:18. At that time I was mainly using it as a training run for Boston, but it still remains my fastest 25k.

This year I'd like to change that. Based on my time at the Lake Johanna 4 Mile, it's a pretty lofty goal and likely out of my range, but what the heck? I'll try it anyway. So, here are my ABC goals:

A. Set a PR (faster than 1:42:18)
B. Run under 1:45 (under a 6:46 pace)
C. Run under 1:48

I'll have to pay close attention to how I'm feeling. If the PR is truly out of my range, running that fast for more than a mile could tank my other two goals. We'll see how it goes!

Happy Running!

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