Thursday, May 27, 2010


Laura and I are homeless no more. We signed all the papers last night and this afternoon we're moving in to our new home. Woot woot!

Our friends who are subleasing our apartment have been great pretending they don't mind weaving through rows of boxes. I'm sure they'll be glad when we move all our stuff out of there.

The post-marathon week three running is going well, despite the heat. I've gotten in some nice, easy runs and today was my first real "workout." I ran 4.5 miles with some 4 minute surges at tempo pace. It felt good to run a little faster again. I got my sights set on a 5k in June so we'll see if I can get any speed in my legs between now and then.

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Julie said...

It is time to celebrate! Nate and Laura are homeless no more:) Congrats!