Friday, May 21, 2010

Boston Booked!

Last night I got a little anxious and the beautiful wife and I decided it was OK to go ahead and book a hotel for the Boston Marathon. I ended up booking a place in Lexington--it's about 12 miles from the expo and such so I hope I'm not going to regret staying that far away come race weekend. The price was right and there were only a few rooms left so I went ahead and pulled the trigger.

Now I just have to wait 5 months to actually register for the marathon. And then there's the little matter of booking a flight. I'm hoping to do this thing for not a ton of money so a decent price on a flight would be great.

If anyone with Boston experience has any great tips feel free to let me know--especially how I'm going to get from Lexington to the buses at Boston Common on race day morning.

3 comments: said...

Hi Nate! I just read your post on the Lake Wobegon marathon. Did you win that one? My friend, Wanda, took first for the women! I am having so much fun finding other MN runners/bloggers through Julie's blog : )

Julie said...

Woo hoo for going to Boston! I most likely will not be making a trip to Boston to run a marathon but I would love to make the trip to cheer people on:)

I was bummed to hear that you are not running the TC marathon! You could stay after your wife finishes her 10 mile and watch the marathoners finish! I could use a little cow bell for sure:)

Have a great weekend Nate!

Julie said...

Nate, you need to go to my blog. Check out my blogger giveaway winners:)