Thursday, March 4, 2010

Virtual Race

Look out virtual racing world--I'm about to put the virtual smack down. That's right, I just registered for a virtual race. No, not a race to benefit some worthy cause, though I might do that someday. Instead, I'm using this virtual race for virtual bragging rights. 

I'm guessing there will be plenty of virtual runners who are faster than me, but that won't stop me from earning virtual bragging rights. I'm simply going to run the most race-like virtual race of anyone. Perhaps I'll chalk off a starting line and set up a turn-around cone. Maybe I'll set up an aid station--at the very least I'll have a virtual aid station. And there's no way I'm running with my ipod (they'll be banned on my course). I'll probably use the virtual partner on my Garmin 305 to have a virtual competitor to duel it out with.

This race is being sponsored by Razz at Running Off at the Mind. If you're interested I think you have the rest of today to get registered. Good luck to everyone taking part in this worthy event. 

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