Friday, March 19, 2010

Daylight Savings

Anyone else have a daylight savings hangover? I know some runners--particularly those who run after work--welcome daylight savings time. They get an extra hour of daylight to finish their run.

I, however, have been running early Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and DST has messed me up. This year I had sort of a delayed reaction to it. Tuesday morning was fine besides starting and finishing my run before the sun came up. Yesterday morning I must have hit the snooze bar 3 times before I finally got out of bed.

Then, last night sleep just wouldn't come. Usually I sleep awesome while I'm running this hard. Last night, however, I just wasn't tired, despite having gotten up before 6 three days in a row and working over 10 hours two days in a row. The culprit: daylight savings time.

It better wear off this weekend because I got some serious running to get done. I got a hard 18 miler tomorrow with 14 miles at MP + 20-30 seconds--probably the toughest run of this training cycle so far. If DST keeps me up late again tonight I'm going to be seriously ticked.

In other news:
Thanks to Razz for putting on a great inaugural "Global Warming, My Ass!" 6.66 mile virtual race. I managed to edge out the competition for first place. The full results are at Razz's blog, Running off at the Mind.

Have a good weekend running!

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Razz said...

DST is killing me. K-I-L-L-I-N-G me