Monday, March 8, 2010

Returning from Injury

Last week was a nice week of running. I didn't do anything intense besides hill sprints, and the ankle didn't really bother me at all. The weather is really starting to get decent around here. Yesterday I ran in shorts outside for the first time since November. That's about 4 months my legs went without seeing the sunshine.

I'm looking forward to a quality week of running. I'm still going to keep it cautious and probably the only quality I'm going to do are hill sprints and Razz's virtual race, though I might throw in a fartlek on Friday if I'm feeling good. I'm also switching my long run day from Sunday to Saturday so I won't be doing a long run for 13 days. The 20k I want to do in April and my goal marathon in May are both on Saturday so it make sense to switch my long run to Saturday also. I figure that way I'll be able to completely get over this ankle problem and continue doing core work these next 2 weeks.

I'm discontinuing my weekly workout report. Instead I'll just sum it up. I ran 35 miles, did 3 days of core, and did elliptical last Sunday as my last day of taking it easy from the ankle injury.

Yesterday I did a long run of just over 17 miles, which means I ran 52 miles over 7 days without any nagging injuries. That's pretty good for me.

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Nitmos said...

Yes, 52 miles, no injury, that is a good thing. Rock on!