Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Snot-nosed runner

Every spring I get a cold/sinus infection/mucus-filled grossness. I think I catch something every spring is because: 
DST messes up my  sleep patterns
All the germs sleeping under the snow in the winter wake up, fly into the air, and land in my nose (yes, all of them)
I work at a school filled with carriers of all kinds of infections

I read that as long as a cold is above your neck it's OK to run. All the disgusting mucus is staying squarely in my sinuses (unless I'm snot rocketing or spitting it out) so I'm planning on continuing my running as planned. Maybe I'll put some kind or tourniquet on my neck while I sleep to make sure the snot doesn't migrate south and spoil my running plans. That's safe, right?

I do not like running with a cold. It slows down my pace, causes me to spit frequently, and leads to an inordinate amount of snot rockets which, regardless of how awesome, are still a little gross--especially if they don't get complete clearance and stick to the side of the face, the arm, or the shoe.

Having a cold also makes it really hard to put in morning runs. I usually start to feel better as the day goes on, but first thing in the morning the mucus content of my nostrils is at its highest. Waking up with my eyeballs floating in snot, hacking, blowing, and spitting phlegm, doesn't lead to positive feelings about putting in an easy 6.

I'm going to try to run 8-10 miles this afternoon. It's supposed to be a multi-paced fartlek kind of thing, but we'll see how much this wicked cold gets in the way. 

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