Sunday, January 31, 2010

Odds & Ends

Last week was a recovery week from the half marathon and it was pretty enjoyable. Most of the volume was cut out by skipping my long run on Sunday and foregoing a medium long midweek run. I also didn't really do any quality sessions so it was a nice week for recovery.

This week I tried out two new running routes. I've been in a rut of running the same routes over and over so I decided to do something new. One worked out pretty well while the other left me trying to run through six inches of snow for half a mile. It was also super packed and frozen so I was a little worried about busting an ankle. Fortunately the running gods were smiling upon me and I managed to make it through the section without injury and only minimal swearing at the snow and slow pace.

This week I've also been hassled by drivers more than normal. Some jerk swerved toward me and yelled something at me from his rusted out blue Pontiac. I couldn't find the heart rate spike on my Garmin data but I'm sure if I looked closely it would be there. Two other model citizens honked at me. One waited until they were right next to me to startle me (I think) and the other was an older lady who gave me a look like she thought I had no business being on the road. I was so sorry for making her have to slow down 2 mph and move over 3 1/2 feet. Thanks lady.

Here's my workouts for the week:

Sunday -

Monday -
4 miles easy treadmill

Tuesday -
4 miles easy treadmill

Wednesday -
4.4 miles easy outside

Thursday -
5.5 miles easy treadmill

Friday -
6.5 miles easy outside

Saturday -
5 miles easy outside, 6 X 10 second hill sprints

Total: 29.4 miles

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