Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014: Year in Review

Another year in the books. This year was marked by a somewhat disappointing running season. After finishing the 2013 St. Louis Marathon, I had a lot of little nagging injuries that didn't seem to want to heal. I never got my mileage up to a high level and the quality of my training never got where I wanted it to.

The year wasn't a total loss though. I still ran more days than I didn't, and despite not running a ton of mileage, I finished the year with almost 1,500 miles of running. As far as meeting my goals... well, let's take a look:

Goal 1: Set a 1/2 marathon PR.
Not even close. I was obviously ambitious last January and thought I would be able to get over the injuries I was dealing with a train at a high level. Unfortunately, it never happened and the one half marathon I raced was five minutes slower than my PR.

Goal 2: Help a couple runners meet their goals.
Check! I helped one runner with a training plan and he ended up setting a big PR in the marathon and qualified for Boston. I also led the TC 10 Mile class at the Running Room and helped several runners with their training for their first 10 mile race.

Goal 3: Break three hours in the marathon again.
Fail. I was over three minutes too slow at Chicago.

Goal 4: Ride my bike to work more than half the days in April and May.
Although I didn't ride half the days in April and May, I did ride half the days in August and September. I guess I picked the wrong months.

Goal 5: Write more than 50 blog posts this year.
Nope. I did write over 30.

Goal 6: Read at least two books about running.
Success! I read several books including "The Hanson Marathon Method," "Relentless Forward Progress," and "To Be a Runner."

Goal 7: Raise some money for World Vision.
Success! I helped raise $1310 to bring clean water to communities in Africa.

So three successful goals out of seven. I hoping next year will bring a little more running success.

Happy Running!

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