Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015: It's Goal Time

Honestly I've been having a hard time coming up with a list of goals for this year. My gut tells me I need to drum up some achievable goals after only making 4.5 out of 14 goals in the past two years. The year before that I set twelve goals and made nine of them, so I'd love to get back to that sort of record.

I decided it would probably be in my best interest to set some goals that were 100% achievable barring a serious running injury. They're entirely dependent on being dedicated to running and fitness, discipline, and sticking to my schedule.

My other set of goals is are time-based, and if I can stick to my training schedules and get closer to my race weight of 2011-2012, I think they're achievable. In my ultimate display of running nerdiness, I mapped out my winter training plan in detail with my sights set on a 5k this spring. I then did a rough outline of my training for a marathon this fall where I hope to set a PR.

So, here is my ambitious, but what I hope to be more achievable, set of goals:

1. Run 2,200 miles. My mileage has gone down every year since 2011, so it's time to change that up and get back closer to my 2011 total of 2,400 miles.

2. Bike to work at least 30 times.

3. Write 40 or more blog posts.

4. Publish at least one article.

5. Break 17 minutes in the 5k--not a PR, but it would still be my second best time in the 5k.

6. Set a 1/2 marathon PR.

7. Set a marathon PR.

I've yet to meet all my goals in any year, but I think I've got a good shot this year.

Happy Running!

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