Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Goal Review

Another year, another set of goals. As I've said in previous years, I like setting goals, especially in running. I know working out is good for my physical and mental health, but without goals it can really become a drag. With running, having a goal race and a goal time keeps me honest.

This year was my toughest year of running since 2009. The broken knee in November of 2012 got my year off to a slow start, and my slacking off on glute and core exercises in the weeks leading up to the Twin Cities 10 Mile and the St. Louis Marathon lea to the knee acting up again.

So, with those things in mind, let's take a look at the goals from last year. I'm including an abbreviated version of the goals, but if you'd like to read them in their entirety due to some horrible cabin fever or an unhealthy obsession with goals, you can read this post.

Goal 1: Rehab the heck out of my left leg
I did pretty well at this one for the first 9.5 months. Then, once school started, I really slacked off and almost certainly increased my mileage and quality workouts too quickly.  I'll give myself half credit on this one.

Goal 2: Do at least 3 sessions of core and balance work a week until April, then maintain at least 2 sessions a week.
I did not meet this goal. Once my knee started feeling better, I let the core and balance work fall by the wayside. I'll do better this year.

Goal 3: PR in the 5k.
This one did not happen. Rehab went slowly, and by the time my knee felt better I was focusing on the St. Louis Marathon and didn't bother to race a fast 5k. 

Goal 4: PR in the 10 mile.
Close, but no. It may have been a bad decision to race this one so close to the St. Louis Marathon, but I have no regrets.

Goal 5: Break 1 hour in the Rochesterfest Sprint Triathlon.
Another failure here. Horrible swimming coupled with poor transitions and windy conditions kept me from this one.

Goal 6: Successfully help several runners meet their goals.
Finally, a win! I helped my mom run her first 5k, my dad his first race in over ten years, and another friend run her first 7k. I also did two Running Room clinics, and helped several clinic members reach their goals.

Goal 7: Publish at least two more articles, and submit two to a major publication. Hang rejection letters on the wall. 
I did have two more articles published in "Run Minnesota." I did not submit two articles to a major publication, but I did submit one to two major publications. Unfortunately, said publications do not send rejection letters. I'm counting this goal as a win.

So there's my year. I count 1.5 goals met out of 7--a 21% success rate. Not my best year, but that's OK because 2014 is going to be better. Failing to meet my goals gives me something to shoot for this year, and helps me reflect on how to be a better runner.

Thanks to those of you who submitted goals on this blog. Feel free to leave a comment on how you did with your goals.

Happy Running!

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