Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I have a hard time running consistently when I don't have a goal race coming up in the near future. Since I ran the Saint Louis Marathon in October, I've been drifting pretty aimlessly with my running. I've stayed in decent shape by doing fitness classes at the YMCA, keeping up with my glute and core exercises, and running a couple times a week, but my time spent running has been low and inconsistent.

The knee I broke last November is still acting up a little, but it really isn't limiting my running. I saw my physical therapist a couple times, and he gave me some great advice, exercises, and an easier way of taping my knee. I can't really tell if the knee is getting better, but I can say for sure it's not getting any worse.

Laura and I are now planning on running the Modesto Half Marathon in March, which is less than thirteen weeks away. This weekend I started writing a week training plan, and I'm working on how much time I'm going to spend running.

I suppose it comes down to a decision of what I really want to do with my fitness and my time. I've got a long winter break coming up from teaching, so I'll be done with the 50 hour or more work weeks for three weeks, so I can slowly increase my mileage without sacrificing core and glute strength.

I'm really digging the year-round schedule at my new school. I'm looking forward to having three weeks to spend time with friends and family, catch up on some reading that's not for work, and do some more writing.

Speaking of writing, I had my third article published in the latest issue of "Run Minnesota." You can read it online at runmdra.org. The story is on page 22. I also submitted a long form version of the story to "Running Times" and "Runner's World," which unfortunately was not accepted for publication. I'll be sharing that story on this blog soon.

Happy Running!

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