Monday, July 2, 2012

Stuff that happens when I run

The heat index yesterday when I was running was 99° F. Today it was a much cooler 96° F. The heat has me going at a slightly slower pace, so I have a little more time to notice my surroundings and think about them with my heat-addled brain.

Yesterday, toward the end of my run, I went past one of Eagan's fire stations. I noticed its sign board read, "Fireworks safety is YOUR responsibility." Hmm, I thought. The fire department must be off for the fourth.

The day before that I was cruising down one of my regular routes on an out-and-back run when right before my turnaround I was passed by a car where a kid, who couldn't have been older than 10, stuck his head out the window and yelled something at me. I'm not sure what he yelled, but it didn't sound nice (and it wasn't, "run Forest!"). I turned around about 10 seconds after that and could still see the car. In fact, I saw it turn into a driveway across the street. I thought about crossing the street and asking the driver if he regularly let his kids (or his kids' friends) hang their heads out the window and yell things at people.

I decided not to ask him about his poor parenting (or poor taking care of other people's kids-ing) though, because who knows what this guy was capable of? He might have been snorting bath salts and come running after me, ready to eat my face off.

It's supposed to be hot for the rest of this week, and I'm keeping my mileage up, so I should have plenty of time to keep observing and pondering.


Willie said...

Good news - the EFD is on duty all weekend. They will be in their trucks for the parade and backing up the fireworks for Eagan Fun Fest. But they want to enforce that MN does not allow certain fireworks and you're putting yourself and others at risk if you go beyond sparklers ; )

but I did bring them some cupcakes this morning and put in good word for us local runners in the event we run during fireworks hours.

they got us covered ;)

Anonymous said...

This is what I was pondering this morning:

I was running past a construction site and saw FIVE people just standing around watching one guy dig a big hole in the ground with a backhoe.

Is this really their job? Are they legitimately serving a purpose? They are getting paid to do this? Is this my tax money paying them (oh, wait, I guess not since I don't pay local, state, or sales tax)? Or is the union just protecting their job?