Friday, July 13, 2012

Dear Saucony

I've got something to get off my chest. First of all, I love your line of Kinvaras. I've worn out three pairs and am working on two more pairs. The update from the orginal Kinvaras to the Kinvara 2s was outstanding. I really liked my original Kinvaras--they were comfortable, stylish, and durable enough to last about 500 miles.

The Kinvara 2s were even better. I rotated between two pairs and one was pretty comfortable right up to 700 miles. I was thinking about pushing them to 1000 miles, but I was getting too much grief at The Running Room and I had pretty much worn out the outsole. The other pair, for some reason, felt worn out a little over 600 miles, but still a really solid, durable shoe.

Take a look at the upper of a brand new Kinvara 2 next to one with 700 miles on it:

Amazing right? The 700 mile shoe, on the right, is obviously dirtier, but no tears, ripped seems, or any structural problems--after 700 miles!

The outsole tells a little different story. From left to right is a new Kinvara 2, a 600 mile Kinvara 2, and a 700 mile Kinvara 2. You can definitely tell where I push off.

Interestingly enough, it appears that the 600 mile shoe is worn more than the 700 mile one. Maybe I ran faster in it.

Anyway Saucony, I really like your shoes. I've run four marathons in Kinvara 2s, I've raced several 5ks and one miles in Hattoris, and my review of the Kinvara 2s and Hattoris are the most viewed pages on this blog.

So Saucony, I see you've got a new version of the Kinvara out, a Kinvara trail shoe, and there's some new Hattoris on the way. I'd really appreciate it if you sent me a pair to review. Just think how many people would see that review, click on the link, and go get themselves some Sauconys.

It's a win for everyone--I get shoes, you get publicity, and the running viewers of my blog learn about your great shoes. Do the right thing Saucony--send me some shoes to review.

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Anonymous said...

I love it, Nate! My dad always said, "it never hurts to ask!" I really do hope they send you a pair!!