Sunday, May 11, 2014

Weekend Reading: To Be a Runner

Martin Dugard's, "To Be a Runner" is unlike any running book I've read so far. It combines elements of memoir, training advice, and the philosophy of running, exercise, and goal setting.

Like most running books, I could quibble with some of Dugard's training advice, but as a whole it was a beautifully written book. Dugard invites readers into his thoughts on running and his journey as a runner and high school cross country coach. His ideas on how running helps to make him a better person through goal setting and experiencing the outdoors really hit home for me.

Dugard's writing contains enough snippets about training and the inner life of a runner to satisfy serious runners looking for a fresh perspective on training. At the same time, his writing is accessible and compelling enough to bring along readers who are only casually interested in running.

Happy Running!

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