Monday, May 12, 2014

Team World Vision

I love to run, but sometimes the time I spend running seems selfish. With so much need in the world and so many ways I could spend my time, taking 6 - 10 hours each week to run, bike, and strength train makes me think about how else I could spend my time. With so much need in the world, I think about how I could spend more time and money volunteering and fundraising, and less time and money on running, shoes, and races.

The amount of need in the world is truly daunting, and it's tempting to become hopeless when faced with so many people with so many needs. Whether those in need are the victims of circumstance, an unjust government, or lack the proper resources to thrive, there are millions of people who can benefit from those of us who live in abundance.

It's so tempting to compare ourselves to those with a little (or a lot) more than we have. While many of us in United States have our own set of problems--student loan debt, mortgages, and being too busy to enjoy time our friends and family, there are people in our community and in our world who do not have enough food, clothing, shelter, or clean water to thrive.

According to, there are over 345 million people without access to clean water in Africa alone.

With all these things in mind, I've decide that for my next marathon I'll spend more time trying to raise money for Team World Vision, and less time reading, obsessing, and talking about running.

I'll be posting more about my training and updating my readers about my fundraising progress. Those of you who are inclined to pray, and those of you inclined to include my in your thoughts, please do so. You can visit my fundraising page at Team World Vision. You're also invited to e-mail or send me a message through Facebook to ask me any questions about my training or fundraising.

Thank you for reading.

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