Sunday, February 16, 2014

What's it Worth to Run?
<image credit: Runner's World>

A few days ago I read an article in Runner's World where the author gets this running assessment thing. She finds out she's got weak glutes and some other stuff. The article  had a lot more to it, but  the gist was the author had been chronically injured, and she wasn't able to run as much as she wanted.

One quote in the article that really stuck out to me was from one of the doctors at this NYU RunSmart clinic. He said, "I tell my patients to channel that energy and frustration into their rehab. Get mad. If you commit to that and do that, then when you get back to running, you'll see real progress." The author of the article ends up making some improvements in her functional strength and all that, but it sounded pretty expensive (though the article made the $325 assessment seem like a bargain).

Anyhow, you can read a synopsis of the article on the Runner's World website. Seems there are some places around these parts that do that sort of thing. I'm pretty sure I won't, but the article in the magazine gave some good exercise tips.

I'm slowly making some progress with my running, though I'm having a hard time shaking a sore hamstring, calf, and knee. I'm looking forward to spring showing up so I can run on a surface other than snow, ice, treadmill belt, or indoor track.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to running in beautiful 20+ degree weather and snow, followed by a little yoga.

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