Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Cycle of the Seasons

On a Thursday in November, I stood inside our school gym supervising students as their parents picked them up. Against the window sat a young man, a seventh or eighth grader, watching the first snow of November coating the parking lot. I saw his face reflected in he glass, and remembered the same look on my face, almost seven years ago, as I sat on an uncomfortable brown chair looking out the window of a hospital lounge, reflecting on the peacefulness of the snow. That January, the snowflakes were thicker and heavier, but the effect was the same. Snow brings a kind of quiet--a peacefulness in a busy city, in a busy life.It looks nice, the snow," I said to the young man. "Yeah," he said, still gazing out the window.

"It's not as nice when you have to drive in it," I said.

I hoped my comment didn't spoil the peacefulness of the snow for the young man. I don't think it did, because, in typical middle school fashion, he said nothing. He turned back to look through the large pane of glass at the small flakes of snow as they coated the parked cars.


Yesterday, I went for a "long" run, and I enjoyed the cool. I ran on the Great River Regional Trail from Children's Country Day back to our home in Eagan. Most of the snow melted in Friday's sun, but the below-freezing frigid air on my face, the sensation of movement, and the bright afternoon sun helped me lose my thoughts of work, how I haven't been sleeping well, and all the other nonsense I wrap my mind in.

Saturday sun around 3:45 PM
I truly believe running is a blessing, just like the snow. It brings me a peace that sometimes hard to find. It makes me more ambitious and more energized. It teaches me about setting goals, and knowing when to slow down and when to speed up.

Have a peaceful day!

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