Thursday, November 14, 2013

Birthday Run

It was a beautiful, windy fall morning in downtown Minneapolis. The sun was shining, the runners were frolicking through the chocolate-filled race course of The Chocoholic Frolic, and birds were probably singing too. The dog poop was washed off my hand, my picture had been taken with Laura and our chocolate, and I was off to continue my trek of thirty-one kilometers on the Great River Regional Trail, over the Mississippi River, through historic Fort Snelling, and to the Mississippi itself.

While I could go on and on about the nice weather, my sore knee, and all the deep nonsense I think about as I run, I'll tell the rest of the story through the lens of my iPod camera.

After the 10k, sporting my Husker gear for the rest of my run

From the sandstone river bluff above The Great River Regional Trail
Saint Paul, where I started my run, from the Mendota Bridge

Historic Fort Snelling with my thumb over the iPod lens

Historic flood levels of the Mississippi
The Mendota Bridge, where my Garmin died.

View of the shore of the Mississippi

After that last picture, the foot pod in my iPod died, so I ran back to Children's Country Day Preschool where my car was parked. I ran somewhere north of 31k, so I made it. Birthday run completed. Thanks for reading.

Happy Running!

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