Thursday, October 4, 2012

Running for Something

I like training for marathons. I like writing the plan, checking out the paces on the various pace calculators, reading the books, and logging the miles. I like race day strategy--do I go for it right away and risk crashing? Do I go out at a conservative pace and risk limiting myself and missing out on an even faster time?

I've only raced three marathons, and in all that time I've yet to raise money for anything or anyone. I've been divided on the issue in that past. It's strange to hear people saying, "I'm doing a run for charity." In my mind I picture a runner carrying a satchel of vials on her back through the remote foothills of the Andes (the mountains, not the mints), trying to deliver an anti-venom to an orphanage struck by an attack of rare venomous anacondas. To me, that's running for charity.

I understand, however, that many people raise money for worthy causes, and so when my school board was looking for ideas to raise so money, I offered to solicit donations via this blog. I teach at a public charter school, so if you pay taxes you're already giving it some money (roughly three-and-a-half cents). Unfortunately, the money we receive through the state and federal government does not give us the same kind of resources as a larger school district or a prestigious private school. We could use a little extra funding for curriculum (I would really like some literature textbooks), art supplies, and possibly even a field trip or two.

I wouldn't ask for donations if I didn't really believe in what we're doing. I see students who haven't made it in the bigger schools because of bullying, getting lost in the shuffle of huge classes, and missing out on the unique, individual attention we can give at a small charter school.

If, however, you would like to make a donation to a nonprofit entity not receiving taxpayer dollars, I would suggest donating to Feed My Starving Children--an organization that provides food to the hungry in places throughout the world.

Here are links to both organizations. Quest Academy does not have an online donation system in place, but if you mail a check and write marathon in the memo, they'll get the idea.

There is no need to contact me if you donate, but feel free if you do, so I can thank you personally.

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