Thursday, March 15, 2012


It's been six days straight of 50 degree + weather in Minnesota. In March! Yesterday we set a record in the Twin Cities with a high of 73. I had time to get a quick run in and decided to go shirtless. It was my earliest shirtless run ever in Minnesota (probably in Nebraska too, but I didn't keep those kind of detailed statistics back then).

It's hard to say how many hearts I broke yesterday as eyes moved from my tanless torso to my wedding ring--I'd say the number isn't important. What is important is this awesome weather. Last year I was logging endless miles on the treadmills at the Y while near-record snow and city budget shortfalls left most of the sidewalks and bike paths in Eagan totally unrunnable. This winter, however, I don't think I had to do one run inside that I was hoping to do outside.

And now, I've been able to run outside in shorts for almost a week straight. This Sunday, before I ran 10 miles along the river (on a trail that was underwater last year until July), I even went on a bike ride. It was great.

I don't know how long this awesome weather is going to last, but there's nothing bad in the 10 day forecast and I'm finally getting in the kind of miles in I've been wanting to run all year. For a while I was beginning to worry if my goal of 2500 miles for the year was going to be a problem. After running 50 miles last week, I'm on my way to running 50 more this week. What a great time of year!

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