Tuesday, March 27, 2012


After a two week stretch of almost perfect running weather, I am completely spoiled. Sunday was absolutely ideal for running--low 50s, slight breeze, and sunny. After a trip to Iowa for a friend's wedding, I headed out on a 12 mile run down to a regional park (with dry trails!), around Jensen Lake, and back. It was awesome. It's been the perfect spring for running.

Then, yesterday, it was chilly. Low 40s and windy. I didn't need to get a run in, but being on spring break I figured I'd run at least a few miles every day. But no, being completely spoiled by nice weather almost all of March, I sat around my house, mostly being lazy, and didn't get outside at all. It's amazing what a couple of weeks of nice weather will do to my fragile running psyche. Rather than suck it up, put on a wind breaker, and get a couple miles in, I instead grocery shopped, went to the library, read, and watched some TV. Ugh.

Today there was 40 mph gusts of wind and it sounded like our townhouse was going to get blown over when I woke up this morning. I've resolved, however, not to be huge wuss and get out the door and put in some miles. Yesterday was my first day off from running in two weeks, so I suppose I shouldn't feel too bad about it. Today, however, there's no excuse--even though it's crazy windy it is warmer than yesterday. So, after taking care of some chores, I got after it to the tune of 11 miles.

I'm going to try to shed all the wussy-ness this mild March has imposed for me and get good running in the rest of my week. I know I have a little bit of a problem when one of my favorite things about being off of school is the ability to run whatever time of day I desire and as long as I want. I've got a 7 mile race this weekend so I'm not going to go too crazy, but I'm definitely going to get a good amount of miles in this week.

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