Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 Mile Streak

Sometimes in my running I do things for no apparent reason. No, I don't mean going for a 10 mile run sans clothing. Awhile ago I was seeing how many days in a row I could get in a run of 10+ miles. I think I got up to around 6 days when fatigue or schedule problems derailed me. I didn't do it seriously and didn't make a goal out of it--mostly it was just something to shoot for, as in, how many days can I run some arbitrary number of miles, which just happened to be 10.

Now with some days off after summer school has ended and nothing to get in my way besides a "honey-do" list, I figure I might as well just go for the 10 mile a day streak officially. And by officially I mean writing a blog post about it so I have to let everyone know when I fail rather than just letting myself down. So far I'm up to three days and there's no looking back.

Last week was an utter disaster for running. I took a couple of days off for my stupid cold, got one run in, and then had nowhere to run while on our awesome vacation to Voyageur's National Park. I did get some canoeing and swimming in so at least my vacation didn't involve sitting on a lounge chair drinking tropical drinks. In fact, I dare say my vacation was much more strenuous then most. It was also awesome.

Here's some pictures of my week of running failure:

Although the running didn't go as planned it was a great trip. We had lots of fun canoeing, swimming, fishing, and playing games with our friends out in the wilderness. I've already been looking at canoeing trips for next summer.


gilmanj said...

Good luck on the streak! I'd like to join you on a 10+ miler but won't be able to until after we get back from WI. So you'll just have to keep the streak up for at least 10 days. said...

My 10-mile streak is at 2 days right now, but I don't plan to do any more.

Oh the dreadful "honey-do" lists. . .my husband loves them. (not!) I can't even make them for him anymore.

I've never been to Voyageur's National Park, but I LOVE going to the Boundary Waters. I need to take Craig there some time!