Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello 2011

It's been a great 2010 and 2011 has started out halfway decent. How 'bout a 2011 rundown and then a 2011 "to do" list.

2010 Rundown

The Highlights:
Crushed my PR in the marathon with a 3:02 and qualified for Boston. Won a couple of small local races (Yukon Day's mile, Resolution Solution 5k, Pioneer Indian Days 5k) and got an age group award in a marathon and a 20k. Ran over 1600 miles for the year and never went more than 2 weeks without a run.

The Lowlights: Injuries. Posterior Tibial Tendinitis, ITBS, and a freak accident concussion. If it weren't for these injuries I probably would've got in at least 100 more miles for the year and likely run a little better marathon time. I also took it too easy in the off season. July was hot but looking back at my training log I managed a measly 67 miles for the month.

2011 "To Do"

I've got some steep goals for 2011. I'd like to set a PR in the marathon, half marathon, 10k and 5k. Maybe that's a little ambitious, but I think it's doable. I haven't run an all-out 10k for over a year and haven't run in a major 5k forever. I also haven't raced a half marathon since last January so I think those three PRs are pretty soft. The marathon PR's going to be a little tougher, especially since I'm only planning one marathon and it's a tough course (Boston). Also, missing 2 1/2 weeks of quality training with ITBS might hamper my efforts at a sub-3 hour marathon but if I can stay relatively healthy I still have a pretty good shot.

My non-race related goals are to complete a 50k and log over 1800 miles for the year. If I don't buttercup it this summer the miles should take care of themselves and if I can run the Afton 50k like I'm planning then that goal should go OK too.

First Race of the Year

Just like last year I started of the year by running the "Resolution Solution 5k" in White Bear Lake. This year the wind chill was below 0 and although the air temperature was higher than last year the conditions were worse. It's an out and back course and the back was right into the wind. My eyes kept freezing shut during the last mile but I was still able to hold on for the win at a pedestrian 6:21 / mile. With the cold temperatures and the icy footing it was an OK effort. My buddy Jared was nice enough to come out with me and he ended up taking 3rd in our age group. It was a pretty fun time besides being freezing, freezing cold.

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Great goals. Now get after it!