Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting in Shape

For the past couple months I've been slacking in my running almost as much as I've been slacking on blogging. Now, I'm getting back into shape so I can start a marathon training program at the end of November. I lucked out and got into Boston before it closed, so I'm hoping to be in good enough shape to be able to shoot for a sub-3 hour marathon. To do that I'd better have at least a decent enough base to stay healthy for a solid training cycle.

This week I managed to get in over 25 miles. It seems like a good total after not breaking 20 miles for awhile, but really it's only about half of what I want to run in a week once my marathon program gets in gear. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get a longish run in--something over ten miles. It'd be great to get over 30 miles next week.

It's been perfect weather for running--cool, sunny, and not a lot of breeze. There's nothing better than getting outside in the fall before the cold and snowy stuff starts to blow in--which, I imagine, will be anytime. Today was cool enough for running pants, which had me thinking about the coming days of Yaktrax, layering, and carrying warm water so it doesn't freeze. Bring on the snow!

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Nitmos said...

It is a good time for running! Not a good time for my furnace to fail though. Good luck with Boston training.