Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Back from a long hiatus

For anyone still following my blog(s), you may have noticed that I haven't posted for months. This was not really intentional--it just sort of happened.

The main reasons I stopped blogging was that my running wasn't going well and that I just wasn't interested.

So, this will just be a quick update, and I'll let you know what's in store for my blogging future. First, the update:

This past year both Laura and I have had some health problems. Thankfully we're both recovered, but for a while things were a little on the hectic side.

My issue was some sort of gastrointestinal problem that had me nauseous almost every day, and sick enough to throw up at least once a week. After numerous visits with doctors and several tests, I was never given a diagnosis. Fortunately, the issue has largely cleared up on its own, so for the last month I've been doing pretty well.

A month, however, is not enough time to get in a good marathon training cycle. For the first three months of my training cycle, I was only running three days most weeks as opposed to the six or seven days I'd normally run during a training cycle. The only fortunate part of my training was that I was usually feeling well enough on Saturday or Sunday to get in a long run (though I was often feeling too sick to run on the other day), and I only missed one long run the whole cycle.

With a terrible training cycle (if you could even call it a training cycle), I had a hard time deciding a race plan for Grandma's Marathon. In my next post, I'll write a quick race report to let you know how it went.

On to my blogging future:

I'm going to continue this blog, which will be mostly about running, but will definitely have some other stuff thrown in as well. The big change I'm making is retiring my coaching blog. I'll still do some coaching, but I won't be advertising or seeking new clients. I'll leave the blog up, so if anyone wants to read any of the posts or contact me about coaching--great.

That's all for now. Run well.

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