Friday, November 4, 2016

PNC Bank Milwaukee Running Festival Marathon

I've shifted away from writing about running for a while, but I am still putting in the miles. On Sunday I'll be running the PNC Bank Milwaukee Running Festival Marathon. This weekend will mark my 15th try at the marathon and, after I finish, my 14th completed marathon (I dropped out of the 2015 Med City Marathon with calf issues). 

One nice bonus of this race is that it is the day after my birthday, so I'll get to do my birthday run during a marathon (on the weekend closest to my birthday I've been running a kilometer for every year old I am since 2011).

I've got high hopes for this weekend. First off, I'm aiming for a PR. It's going to be tough--I missed almost a week of training while in the hospital, but after a few days my workouts were going well again. 

I'm excited, but also nervous. The marathon is a tough race. I've run a positive split in every marathon I've raced, running the first halves 2-8 minutes faster than the second halves. This means I've either gone out too fast, or that I didn't have the mental toughness to push through those finals miles at race pace.

On with the goals:

A. Break 2:50 and set a new PR
B. Break 2:55
C. Break 3:00

I set a new best time at the half marathon this year, 1:16:09, and various running calculators say that based on that time I should be able to run a marathon somewhere between 2:40 - 2:45. I know that's nowhere near reasonable. I'd run almost as fast at a half marathon in 2012, and that year was the year I managed a 2:50. As far as racing goes, I'm much better at the 5k than the marathon.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Not only do I get to race, we also get to see some friends and their kids. It'll be a good time.

Happy Running!

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