Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer of Stay-at-Home Parenting - Issue #2

Time for another addition of "Summer of Stay at Home Parenting." The running is mixed in with the baby stuff. Sorry. This is the last one I'll post to Facebook. If you're interested in other issues, you can subscribe by e-mail (Left hand side of the page). Unfortunately, many of you will have to delete running posts.

Weekend of June 17
We got to spend this weekend with Nana and Grandpa at the Gustafson residence in Rochester. Saturday morning I got to pace the Zumbrota Covered Bridge Half Marathon. It was an awesome event--flat course, lots of shade, and, most importantly for a pacer, perfectly placed mile markers.

Calvin also got to hang out with his cousin Sophia, and spent lots of time being held and played with by his Auntie Sarah, his Nana Sherry, and Grandpa Jeff. Calvin thinks Grandpa Jeff is pretty funny--except when Jeff came in from mowing the yard. Jeff was wearing his sunglasses, and Calvin, fresh off a nap and diaper change, thought Grandpa Jeff looked pretty scary.

Week of June 20
View of Gun Club Lake from my bike ride
Laura's mother was kind enough to spend a few days with us this week. Calvin loved the extra attention from his nana.

This week my streak of running for 43 consecutive days came to an end on Tuesday. Instead, I road my bike to The Sparrow Cafe, kitty corner from Fleet Feet Marathon Sports. There, I got to have coffee with Olympic hopeful Abbabiya Simbassa to interview him for some blog posts and a story in Run Minnesota.

Calvin also got to meet his new friend Cullen and Cullen's mother, Michelle. Michelle and her husband Craig are "camp friends." Michelle is also a running coach, stay-at-home mom, blogger, and works at a Skinny Raven Sports in Alaska. We had a nice time catching up and talking about running.

Laura took Friday off of work, so we all got an extra day to hang out together. Calvin loves his mommy's days off of work because he gets so much of her undivided attention.

Weekend of June 24
Friday evening we had the church group we belong to over to Laura's school for a cookout. We didn't take any pictures, but you can imagine how cute it was to have a bunch of toddlers and babies around, playing on the playground and such.

On Saturday morning Calvin woke up his usual smiley self. He definitely takes after his mother as far as mornings go--he almost always wakes up smiling and giggling. While Laura played with Calvin I drove over to meet another Olympic hopeful, Heather Kampf, and her husband, Ben. I interviewed Heather and Ben while we ran, also for some blog posts and a story in Run Minnesota.

That evening, Calvin's Great Aunt Carmen and Great Uncle David came to visit. Calvin was getting a little tired, and by 7:30 he was sleeping in Laura's arms.

This morning (Sunday) I woke up early and worked on this blog post while David, Carmen, Laura, and Calvin were sleeping--I've been under a lot of pressure to put this thing out--baby stories and pictures are way more popular than running. I guess everyone's been a baby at some point, but not everybody's been a runner.


Nothing major for this issue. Calvin laughs a lot and his happy baby squeals and squawks are louder. He's also getting more curious--he enjoys looking at bright colors and contrasting patterns, feeling different textures, and putting things in his mouth. He also enjoys blowing spit bubbles.

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Michelle said...

Cullen looks like a giant compared to Cal!! It was great catching up with you!!