Thursday, June 25, 2015

Race Report: Wood Duck Days 5k

There's nothing more Minnesotan than a weekend at the "cabin." As a Minnesota transplant, I've learned that a "cabin" simply refers to any structure on or near a body of water in which a person can sleep. A cabin could be anything from an A-frame log cabin, to a 14 bedroom, 8 bathroom structure equipped with an indoor swimming pool and furnished with Armani-leather, jewel-encrusted sofas and recliners.

The cabin in which we resided over the weekend fell somewhere in between the A-frame and luxury residence. The stately structure overlooked Lake Shetek. Laura and I made the roughly 2.5 hour car ride with DJ, the husband of Laura's co-worker, Gayle. It's become an annual Children's Country Day tradition to spend a couple nights there to boat, play games, fish, and relax. We've also managed to squeeze in some running.

Upon arrival to the "cabin," we sat down at the kitchen table to talk about the weekend's plans. When I found out there was going to be a 5k at the Fulda "Wood Duck Days," I suggested that the "boys" go drive over to Fulda the next morning to compete in the 5k and the 1k "fun" run for kids.

Although I was enthusiastic, I knew that not everyone was as excited about getting up early and running as I was. The beer I poured on top of a Casey's General Store Charbroil Deluxe and Hostess cupcake didn't sit well, and after a night of tossing a turning, I wasn't sure I wanted to make the trip to Fulda to run a 5k.

A couple hours after sunrise (which happens around 5 AM this time of year), I was pleasantly surprised to see DJ, Seth (another Country Day employee), and their sons, Alec and Magnus, ready to go to Wood Duck Days to bring home some hardware.

The Wood Duck Day races were exactly the kind I like. Its events included a 5k run, 5k walk, and the grand finale--a children's 1k fun run.

Seth, Alec, and I competed in the 5k, and each of us brought home some sweet hardware. Seth won second in his age group, Alec finished his first 5k (and puked at least three times over the last hundred yards), and Magnus finished the 1k. Besides ribbons, we also brought home a Wood Duck Days 1st place trophy (won by me), shirts, and a $10 Scheels gift card.

The next morning, Seth, DJ, Alec, and I also completed a running-specific core workout.

Besides all the running-related activities, we also caught a couple catfish. Seth and I divided the spoils of two of channel cats, and one was released back into Lake Shetek.

Up next is the Afton 50k on July 4th. I injured my right foot twice at the cabin--once by stubbing/cutting my toe on an angle-iron, and once by using my barefoot to find the stump of a small tree.

Luckily, the cuts aren't serious, and keeping them cleaned and bandaged should have my feet ready for the 50k. Until then, I'll be doing a little more biking, hiking, and core work and a little less running.

Happy Running!


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