Sunday, May 24, 2015

Med City Marathon Pacing: It's Goal Time!

Thanks everyone who stopped by the pacer booth to say "hi." Especially thank you to the gentleman who stopped by to say "thank you."

I feel like Rochester is one of my adopted home towns. Always good to see friends and family at the Med City 5k--my in-laws came out, even though Sherry's been a little under-the-weather.

I hope to see you all  at the race. We'll try to run even splits, but it's a little warm. If I were racing today I'd dial my goal back a minute or two, but come join me in the 3:35 group or say, "hi" at the starting line.

And if there's lightning, get off the course. They'll be other marathons, and the race organizers would rather you finish 20 miles (or 7) alive than have this be your last race.

On that happy note; stay safe, have fun, and feel free to correct my grammar.

Happy Running!

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