Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Choosing Races

In my post on my 2015 training, I mentioned that I'd mapped out which races I'd be running in 2015. Some of these "races" are events that I'll be pacing, so I won't be doing any actual "racing" at them. I've got one or two races planned I haven't done before, but most of my races are repeats.

Last year I got to race a couple of new races, the Modesto Half Marathon and the Chicago Marathon. Running new races is fun--it's a change of scenery, you get a shirt from an event you haven't done before, and sometimes you get to travel somewhere you haven't been before.

Although running new races can be fun, there are also several advantages to running a race you've already done. First of all, if you're looking for a new personal best, you know how fast a race is going to be. Secondly, if you've run the same race numerous times, you can compare your past performances to your current fitness. Finally, if you've run a race several times, you know the course and can have a better race strategy.

My first official race this year will be the MDRA 7 mile. This will be the third time I've run the race. It's hilly, and the weather can vary quite a bit from year-to-year. Generally the temperatures are pretty cool, which makes for good racing conditions (if it's not too cold).

I'm excited to see how this race goes after my winter of training. If I keep on my current trajectory, this winter will be the most mileage I've run since college. Lately I've been averaging over 50 miles a week, and I've been staying injury-free. We'll see how that training pays off come the end of March.

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