Sunday, April 6, 2014

California Running

Besides getting to run the Modesto Half Marathon, I got to do another pretty sweet run while visiting California. The day we left San Francisco, Laura and I got up early and took the city bus from our downtown hotel to the Golden Gate Bridge. We hopped off the bus at the visitor center and ran across the bridge and back.

Before running

The Golden Gate Bridge is over a mile long, and it was pretty cool running so high above the bay. The views down to the water and up to the incredibly tall bridge were amazing on the bright, sunshiny morning.

After running across the bridge and back, we ran down a trail to Presidio, a beautiful ocean-front park. We ran down to the water, then kicked off our shoes and ran on the beach.


Following the Modesto 1/2 Marathon, my cousin Chris led my Aunt Wanda, Laura, and I in a Cross Fit Workout. Thankfully he spent a good amount of time letting us do some foam rolling, because my  legs were sore after that thing!

Wanda, Chris, Nate

Nate, Chris, Laura

The weather is starting to get nicer around these parts. While it was great getting to run some in California, I love running in the spring in Minnesota (when it's not pouring down rain, sleet, or snow).

Happy Running!

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Michelle (The Runner's Plate) said...

I really want to try Crossfit. I cannot believe how much you guys packed into your trip--that's impressive. Looks like fun!