Saturday, October 5, 2013

TC 10 Mile: Goal Time

I pretty much mentioned this already, but I might as well reiterate it, if not to solidify the goals in my mind.

My running has been going pretty well the last month. I've been staying consistent with my weekly mileage hovering in the mid-70s. I've got a couple of nice runs in with some of my faster running buddies, including a 17 miler with the last four miles all under 6:40 / mile, and this week I got a nice 14 mile trail run in with the last mile at 5:56.

I've also been enjoying the nice early-fall weather, getting in some nice runs along the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers. Thursday night I put in a tough threshold interval run in with 3 X 10 minutes at about half marathon pace. I tried to really push it in the last interval, and being able to drop that last 10 minutes to a 5:49 pace gave me a little bit of confidence going into tomorrow's TC 10 Mile.

Although my training is going well--no injuries, knee's doing fine, paces are getting faster--everything I said in my last post still holds true. I'm in the midst of my highest mileage in over a year, my base training was not as high as it's been in the past, and I'm not tapering at at for this race.

Still, I'm going for it, not matter how unlikely it is that I'll set a PR. My plan is to start out at about 5:50 pace, try to pick it up after a couple miles, and see if I can hold on. If I can break 58 minutes, fantastic. If I just break--oh well.

So that's it--no B goal, just a plan to get as close to 58 minutes as possible. It should be interesting...

Happy Running!

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