Sunday, September 1, 2013

PR Time?

Tomorrow I'm going to take a shot at my 10k PR. Laura and I are running the MDRA Victory Labor Day 10k in Minneapolis--I race I ran for the first time in 2009 in preparation for my first marathon. At the very least I should run a course PR, as I ran around 40 minutes there in 2009. Honestly, if I don't set a new 10k PR I'm going to be pretty disappointed--my current 10k PR is 36:44, set at the Big Woods Trail Run in 2011. Since then I've set PRs at the 7 mile, 10 mile, and half marathon with faster overall paces.

I do have some things going against me. It's only been two weeks since difficult race at Ragnar, so I really haven't got to put in an race-paced workouts since then, other than running mile repeats at the Como Relays this past Wednesday. I also had a little setback on Thursday and Friday, coming down with a stomach bug and spending a good portion of Thursday night and Friday with a terrible stomach ache and a fever (after loosing my Thursday lunch).

I'm feeling decent though now, and am hoping that I can get past those two obstacles to at least set a 10k PR on a fast course on a day when the weather sounds like it's going to be close to ideal. I'm also signed up to run the 5k--the double header--where they take your combined times from both races. I'm not expecting anything too impressive from my 5k time other than hoping to survive it.

It should also be a fun race because I have some of my favorite people running with me. Laura is also signed up to do the double header, and my parents, who are visiting from Nebraska, are also running the 5k.

So, even if I fail to set a PR, it should be a fun time running with my family.

Happy Running!


Anonymous said...

I did the Victory Races 10k and PRd... great day for it. Are you doing City of Lakes on Sunday?

TCHusker - Nate said...

I will be out of town this Sunday, so I will not be running it. Thanks for the comment!