Thursday, February 9, 2012

Triathlon Plan

Remember last post when I was all jazzed to start a triathlon plan? I read a book Laura bought that had some plans in it, but they were for real triathletes, not beginner triathletes who wanted to run twice as much as any sprint plan and swim 1/2 as much and bike 1/32 as much. I looked at some websites that had some good plans, but again, not enough running and too much of everything else.

Still undecided about how to proceed with a triathlon plan, I checked out a book from the library. It has some interesting plans in it where you just do two sports per week for 24 weeks (I think, I haven't actually read the book, just looked at the plans).

After looking at the internet, two triathlon books, and swimming pretty well for a couple months, my triathlon plan never came together. I just don't like biking indoors that much (and I only like biking outdoors a little more), and I'm not ecstatic about swimming, though it was satisfying to be able to swim a mile after a month-and-a-half of near-death, water-swallowing, chlorine-bloated practicing.

Still, whenever I was "biking" or swimming, I was thinking about how I was cutting into my running. Swimming a couple of miles a week, biking some, and running 30ish miles just wasn't as satisfying as running. Plus I was getting tired of my skin falling away in pool-chemical coated chunks and the smelling chlorine every time I checked if I remembered to put on deodorant.

Even though I'm not falling in love with triathlon training, I'm going to do the Rochesterfest triathlon in June. I just haven't made up my mind what I'm going to do for training. Tentatively I'll swim or bike once or twice a week and call it good. I'll also read the triathlon book I got from the library now that I'm done with "Team of Rivals" (SPOILER ALERT: the protagonist dies at the end). Maybe that will give me some inspiration on how I can still run 45 or more miles a week and fit in biking, swimming, working, and seeing Laura on occasion.

Speaking of Laura, on Saturday we're planning on running the TC in Motion Valentine's Day 5k. I was planning on running it with Laura and putting in some more miles before and after, but now she's got me thinking about racing it. Stay tuned.

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