Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Homemade Sore Throat Remedy

After getting really tired of "Throat Coat" herbal tea yesterday, I decided it was time to invent my own sore throat remedy. I don't understand the science behind why both hot and cold substances seem to temporarily placate the angry rodent wreaking havoc on my tracheal lining, but this seemed to do the trick last night:

1 and 1/2 cup frozen "Tropical Blend" Market Pantry fruit
the last bit of frozen "Berry Blend" Market Pantry fruit
1.3 second squirt of Agave nectar
1 cup milk
Mango Malibu to taste
Tortuga Tropical Rum to taste
Blend well

After drinking half of the alcoholic concoction I decided it was worth taking a low-quality photo so you could enjoy the strange color of the drink contrasted with our kitchen table Christmas centerpiece.

I can't say its power to soothe my sore throat was any stronger than that of Traditional Medicinals' "Throat Coat" (whose website, by the way, has a Hilary Clinton lookalike sipping tea in one of the promotional photos). Still, what I'm dubbing, "Tropical Sore Throat and Good Judgment Remedy" had an infinitely higher percentage of alcohol than "Throat Coat." Though the TSTGJ is probably more expensive than the tea, especially considering Laura's mom gave the tea to me last winter, it was a welcome relief from the dull sobriety and painful throat that punctuated my unproductive, running-free existence yesterday.

I feel much better this morning--my symptoms have been reduced to a slightly-less stuffy nose and the painful claw scrapes inside my throat have dulled to an irritating itch. I'm going to try a little jog through the suburb of Eagan and hope that it doesn't end as disastrously as my Sunday bike ride did.

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