Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Peak Week

It's the week of sore legs and lots of miles (relatively speaking) for me. This next Saturday will be three weeks from the Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon and my attempt at a BQ time. I'm going to celebrate the three week mark by running between 20-22 miles. The plan I'm using calls for 23 miles but that seems a bit excessive to me.

I decided I'm going to run every day this week and possibly every day next week before my two week taper. Yesterday was a time crunch so I pulled my first double in years. I'd thought about doing doubles a couple times, but never mustered the motivation for them. This time, however, I managed to do 5 in the morning at approximately MP on tired legs. It felt good and gave me some confidence to be able to run near MP on sore legs. Then, after my 11ish hour work day I put in 5 easy miles in the evening.

I had a fun moment yesterday morning when I went out to run. A kid at our apartment complex says to me, as I'm walking out the door, "You go running even when it's raining?" Yes, kid, I do. I'm waterproof. I'll take running in the rain and 50s over running in snow and ice when the wind chill's below zero.

I'm pumped for two more weeks of hard training and then taking it easier the next couple weeks before the marathon. I haven't been training this hard or felt this good about my running in years.

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